Harrison Caldeira


Toronto-based singer-songwriter Harrison Caldeira started creating music in his secluded home amidst his West-Indian family. Influenced by his family’s love of music, his diverse background gave Caldeira an evolving perspective which shaped his understanding of the world around him and inspired his writing. From living in New Zealand at a young age to living in France as a young man, crafting songs has grounded Caldeira throughout his life. 


In 2011, Caldeira was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After suffering from a relapse that left him without mobility in his hands or feet, he found himself unable to play the guitar. He dropped out of University, moved home, and spent endless days in hospitals trying to regain his strength. But the greatest loss was not having music in his life. Not having the ability to play, Caldeira quickly learned just how important music was to him. Determined, and by the grace of the universe, he gained feeling in his body again, learned how to play the guitar all over again, and adjusted his lifestyle to come back stronger than ever. After that, he knew he had to pursue music further.  


Citing a range of artists, from Sam Cooke to John Mayer to Daniel Caesar, Caldeira creates a melodic blend of subtle harmonies and airy vocals in his music. Whereas his previous release The Equinox EP is an acoustic effort, Caldeira has felt a shift in pace and place. Like the seasonal change, he grabbed his electric Hagstrom guitar and put away the Martin D16-RGT. His warm, memorable melodies capture Caldeira’s ingenuity in songwriting and production. Inescapably popish with a soulful beat, he is personal and reflective, embodying an artist’s restless determination to bring his songwriting to life.